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Ownership Rate of Minivehicles Nears 50% Among Japanese Households

Nearly 50% of Japanese households own minivehicles, according to data from the Japan Mini Vehicles Association. Minivehicles are defined as vehicles with a length of less than 3.4 meters, height of less than 2.0 meters, width of less than 1.48 meters, and displacement of less than 0.66 liters.

The total number of minivehicles on the road in Japan grew 2.8% to about 26.17 million in the year ended March 31. The number of households rose just 1% over the same period.

Minivehicles penetration is higher in rural areas. More than 90 minivehicles were owned by every 100 households in six prefectures, according to JMVA.



Those minis consume and pollute about 1/3 the USA fleet average. They may be the ideal vehicle for people working down town and for Mrs to go shopping.

Of course, our braves would like to run over them with their Hummers.

Henry Gibson

This kind of vehicle needs to be made in electric models with tiny range extenders similar or identical to model airplane engines. Small flywheel speed control systems identical in operation to the ones used in English flywheel locomotives could give excellent cheap controll. ..HG..

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