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Linc Energy Signs Gas-To-Liquids Engineering Agreement With Aker Solutions

Linc Energy Limited executed a contract with Aker Solutions to jointly develop the conceptual design of Linc Energy’s proposed 20,000 barrels per day commercial Gas to Liquids (GTL) facility that is planned to be based in South Australia.

The scope of this phase of the development includes the confirmation and initial optimization of the process configuration for the GTL complex, the identification and refinement of key technologies and equipment for the facility plus the development of capital and operating cost estimates.

This conceptual design phase has a schedule of six months and will commence in early August 2009 and target completion by mid February 2010. At the completion of the work, Linc Energy expects to have study data outlining expected operating and capital costs such that it can further validate the expected shareholder value that this first plan can realize.

The feedstock for the proposed conceptual plant will be synthesis gas produced from Linc Energy’s Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) process. The heart of the GTL process scheme will be based on Linc Energy’s in-house developed Fischer-Tropsch (FT) fixed bed cobalt technology. Results from Linc Energy’s Chinchilla GTL demonstration facility, where these two technologies have been successfully combined, will assist in validating key assumptions for the conceptual study. (Earlier post.)

Continued technology improvements at the Chinchilla GTL demonstration facility will be an ongoing focus with the data and validation obtained being key ingredients for further engineering development for the proposed 20,000 barrels per day commercial operation. A particular focus of the technology improvement work is the refinement of the FT catalyst to be utilized in the commercial design which is being undertaken by Linc with additional third party support both from a commercial manufacturing and laboratory performance testing perspective.

Aker Solutions ASA (formerly known as Aker Kvaerner) is a leading global provider of engineering and construction services, technology products and integrated solutions.


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