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Obama Modec
President Obama announced the awards for the $2.4B in funding at Navistar in front of a Navistar Modec prototype. Click to enlarge.

UK-based Modec and Navistar International Corporation are finalizing a joint venture for the production and sales of electric Class 2c-3 commercial vehicles in North, Central and South America. The all-electric delivery vehicle would primarily be used for urban-suburban pickup and deliveries, where stop and go driving would otherwise consume a large amount of fuel.

Among the 48 projects receiving the combined $2.4B DOE funding announced yesterday (earlier post), Navistar was awarded $39.2 million to develop, validate, and deploy 400 advanced battery electric delivery trucks (12,100 lbs. gross vehicle weight) with a 100-mile range.

Modec vehicles, manufactured at its Coventry-based plant, are designed from the ground up as an electric commercial vehicle. (Earlier post.) Available in a variety of models (chassis cab, drop-side, box van), all Modec vehicles at their core have a uniquely designed battery cassette, securely packaged inside the custom designed chassis. As battery technology evolves, the existing pack can be upgraded to suit, along with the potential to house future fuel cell units.

Modec trucks currently feature a 76 kW motor that delivers 300 N·m (221 lb-ft) of torque. Modec has used both Zebra (sodium nickel chloride) and Li-ion packs in its trucks so far.

Modec vehicles are in operation with global couriers (FedEx and UPS) and Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, among others. Modec is being granted full N2 EC Type Approval, allowing it to sell its electric vehicles in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval. (Earlier post.)

The all-electric delivery vehicle is a concrete example of what business and government can do when we work together. The future is now with this electric vehicle. In fact, we already have interested customers, including some of the most respected names in the industry.

—Daniel C. Ustian, Navistar Chairman, President, and CEO

Navistar chose to partner with Modec due to purpose-built concept and superior performance of its vehicles, according to Modec.

The positive impact on Modec and the electric vehicle world will be significant and this is a true sign of evolution in the automotive industry.

—Bill Gillespie, Chief Executive of Modec


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