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Nexterra Receives C$7.7M for Commercialization of Biomass Power System with GE

Canada-based Nexterra Systems Corp., a supplier of advanced biomass gasification systems, has received C$7.7M (US$7 million) in funding from the BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the National Research Council Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), and Ethanol BC.

This funding will be used to support Nexterra’s recently announced program to commercialize a new high efficiency biomass power system in collaboration with GE Jenbacher and GE Energy. This advanced combined heat and power (CHP) system involves direct-firing syngas from Nexterra’s biomass gasification technology into GE’s Jenbacher internal combustion engines.

Pilot testing of the new CHP system will begin on schedule before the end of 2009. A first commercial demonstration project is expected to begin in early 2010.

Nexterra gasifier. Click to enlarge.

Nexterra uses a fixed-bed, updraft gasifier. Fuel, sized to 3 inches or less, is bottom-fed into the center of the dome-shaped, refractory-lined gasifier. Combustion air, steam and/or oxygen are introduced into the base of the fuel pile. Partial oxidation, pyrolysis and gasification occur at 1,500 — 1,800 °F (816 — 982 °C), and the fuel is converted into syngas and non-combustible ash.

The ash migrates to the base of the gasifier and is removed intermittently through an automated in-floor ash grate. The clean syngas can then be directed through energy recovery equipment or fired directly into boilers, dryers and kilns to produce useable heat, hot water, steam and/or electricity.

Nexterra supplies biomass gasification solutions that generate heat and power inside-the-fence for customers at institutional and industrial facilities. Sales to date include projects at the University of South Carolina, Dockside Green, the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Lab, Kruger Products and Tolko Industries. Nexterra is actively commercializing new applications for generating electricity with General Electric and to produce renewable energy at wastewater treatment facilities with Andritz.


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