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Seattle to Receive $1.4M for Hybrid Trucks and Charging Stations

The city of Seattle will receive $1.4 million from the US Department of Energy (DOE) to enhance the city’s fleet of green vehicles and install electric car charging stations throughout the city. The funding is part of a $15 million grant in Recovery Act funding awarded to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Clean Cities Coalition. (Earlier post.) The grant is specifically for alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

Seattle will receive:

  • Fifteen diesel/electric work trucks, which will save more than 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year and reduce carbon emissions by more than 112 tons annually. This will also help the manufacturer ramp-up production and drive down the price of hybrid systems in the mass market.

  • $500,000 for installation of electric vehicle charging stations at city-owned properties.

Earlier this months, the DOE granted the Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) about $20 million to establish up to 2,550 charging systems for electric vehicles in the Seattle area. (Earlier post.)

In April, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Nissan North America signed an agreement to make Seattle one of the first markets to introduce Nissan’s LEAF. In return, Seattle pledged to take regulatory and other steps to get ready for the arrival of the electric car in October 2010. According to Nissan, the LEAF will go 100 miles on a single charge and be priced in the range of a typical family sedan.



I hope they don't buy these trucks from the US.
I really want my money to go overseas.

Maybe Tripoli makes a truck - that they claim is priced like a typical truck (but you have to lease the batteries).
If not, Chine probably will make some for Nickels.



Something like 50% of the local Big-3 production are 6000+ lbs trucks. Seattle could use a few thousands of the unsold ones still around various garages in the country.

One thing that USA doesn't have to import are TRUCKS.


That was my point HD.

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