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New Models Drive Surge in Natural Gas Vehicle Sales in Sweden

The monthly sales rate of natural gas vehicles in Sweden has increased from about 150 to more than 700 units, according to NGVA Europe. The results are largely driven by the new Volkswagen TSI Passat EcoFuel (earlier post) (60% of sales) and the Mercedes B 170 NGT (earlier post) (24% of sales). In June, 2.9 % of all new passenger cars sold in Sweden were NGVs.

Behind those two market leaders comes VW Touran, VW Caddy, Opel Zafira, Mercedes E 200 NGT, Opel Combo, and Fiat Punto. Within the van segment Volkswagen Caddy accounts for some 45% of the total sales, followed by Opel Combo, VW Transporter, Fiat Fiorino, VW Pick-Up, Iveco Daily, and Fiat Doblò.

The total sales are now back to (even above) the high rate achieved in mid 2006 when Volvo Cars temporarily more or less killed the Swedish NGV market via the announcement of their intention to discontinue sales of their Bi-Fuel cars.

—NGVA Europe

More than 50% of all new cars sold in the Swedish market are company cars supplied to employees and used both for company and private purposes, and most of these are medium-sized sedans or wagons.

Sweden at the end of 2008 had just under 17,000 NGVs, according to NGVA Europe, and the Swedish NGV sales in June ran at an annual rate of 8,700 vehicles. Sales of new NGVs are now accelerating and may soon reach about 800 units monthly, corresponding with an annual sales rate of close to 10,000 vehicles.

(A hat-tip to John!)



Another Surge.

Wow, 2.9 % of new sales.

John Baldwin

The Passat Ecofuel is the first time an OEM has designed a CNG/boiomethane car from first principles - twin supercharger, turbocharger, different valve seats etc.....150 bhp, 0 to 60 in 9.3 seconds. On fossil natural gas only 119 g/km - around 20% less that the equivalent performance diesel engine.

No wonder this car is selling well.....wait til the others do the same.....add 'stop start' etc and focus on CO2 and may be able to get a Passat at around 100 g/km. For a big car that is exceptionally good.

Because its frugal, has a total range of 800 km on CNG and then on petrol.

Henry Gibson

It is too bad that a cheap, perhaps very efficient liquid salt, mass produced compressor is not available.

Every diesel semitrailer truck should be powered with CNG part of the time at least. All new local trucks should have the ability as well. If CNG is not available then the same system should allow the use of LPG.

CNG or LPG can be fed directly into the intake air of a diesel engine to reduce the use of diesel. Computer controll can arrange that it is not too much. All of the organic materials in sewage and municipal refuse can be converted to methane and then to CNG. Cities and towns should all require sink garbage disposals and require that all food wastes be put into the system. Organic sewage sludge can be converted into methane with a pretreatment, perhaps wet air oxidation, and then anaerobic decomposition. ..HG..


"More than 50% of all new cars sold in the Swedish market are company cars supplied to employees and used both for company and private purposes."

Swedish perqs seems a lot more generous than in capitalist USA.

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