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China Automakers Form EV R&D Collaboration

Ten of China’s top automakers are joining in a research and development working group (T10 Electric Vehicles) for electric vehicle powertrains and components. The first meeting of the group was 30-31 July in Beijing.

Companies involved in the T10 group are SAIC Motor, FAW Group, Dongfeng Auto, Changan Auto, Guangzhou Auto, Beijing Auto, Brilliance Auto, Chery Auto, Sinotruk Group and Jianghuai Auto.

Goals of the T10 program include carrying out joint development and help companies cut their R&D costs.



Excellent idea to arrive at better standardization of many components including batteries, connectors, chargers, motors, controllers etc.

Where is BYD?


These others have had to gang together to have a reasonable chance of competing with BYD.

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