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Cyclone Power Improves Performance And Durability of Waste Heat Engine

Cyclone Power Technologies says that it has achieved positive results from performance tests recently conducted on its award winning Waste Heat Engine (WHE), and expects the final stage of testing prior to on-site beta installation to begin in July. (Earlier post.)

The tests involved running the WHE on heat generated from a simulated industrial furnace. The company recently modified certain design elements and materials of the WHE in an effort to reduce heat conductivity losses and engine wear. The company also improved the design of the heat exchanger to generate higher steam temperatures and pressures.

The net results of these improvements, as demonstrated by the performance testing, is expected to be an engine that operates at a broader range of temperatures, achieves higher overall efficiencies and has greater lifetime durability.


Aureon Kwolek

The cyclone waste heat engine will also be configured with solar thermal collectors for resisdential use. Then we'll see how they compare with photovoltaic. The company says they'll be cheaper.

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