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Alcoa Adds New 14” LvL ONE Wide Base Wheel; Up to 7% Fuel Savings Compared to Steel Wheels

Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products has added another member to its LvL ONE commercial wheel line. The new 14-inch LvL ONE wide base wheel weighs 62 pounds—8 pounds less than competitive aluminum wheel options. Outfitting a complete tractor/trailer rig puts 64 pounds less weight on the road than a comparable 14-inch aluminum wheel.

The new 14" LvL ONE Wide Base wheel. Click to enlarge.

Long-haul operators still running on steel wheels can realize a 1,344-pound reduction in rig weight by converting to the new 14-inch LvL ONE aluminum wheels. According to independent fuel studies cited by Alcoa, the conversion can result in fuel savings as high as 7%.

Besides being the lightest and strongest 14-inch wheel, the newest LvL ONE entry is also the brightest. It is at least six times brighter than competitive wheels in its class with a 50-brightness rating, documented by using standardized test methods for the measurement of high gloss surfaces.

Alcoa recently introduced an on-line tool, CalcuLighter, to calculate the ROI on aluminum wheels.


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