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The Auris HSD Full Hybrid concept. Click to enlarge.

Toyota has provided more detail on the new Auris HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive) concept, to be unveiled next week at the Frankfurt motor show. The concept, which previews the production model of the hybrid to be built in the UK beginning in the second half of 2010, uses the same powertrain applied in the current-generation Prius. (Earlier post.)

The Auris hybrid will be Toyota’s first full hybrid mainstream model in Europe. A five-door hatchback is the best selling type of car in Europe, Toyota notes, and so consequently the installation of HSD in Auris is the logical first step in deploying full hybrid technology across Toyota’s entire European model line-up. Sales are scheduled to start during second half of 2010.

Equipped with a 1.8-liter, 98 hp (73 kW) engine, 60 kW traction motor, and NiMH battery pack, the car will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in around 10 seconds, while returning what Toyota calls class-leading combined cycle fuel economy and sub-100g/km CO2 emissions. It offers four driving modes, three of which can be selected on-demand by the driver:

  • ECO mode maximizes hybrid system efficiency and fuel economy;
  • Power mode boosts performance; and
  • EV mode allows for electric motor power only for up to 1.25 miles (2 km) at speeds up to 31 mph (50 km/h).
The Auris hybrid concept uses solar panels on the roof for ventilation support and dashboard to recharge mobile consumer electronics devices. Click to enlarge.

Toyota paid particular attention to further NVH reduction measures. Road and engine noise have been suppressed by comprehensive use of soundproofing materials, and full thickness glazing and an acoustic windscreen reduce wind noise at cruising speeds.

Toyota made changes to Auris’ styling to improve aerodynamic efficiency and added blue hybrid badging to identify the car as a member of Toyota’s full hybrid fleet.

The front end is designed to optimize airflow and so help maximize fuel efficiency. The front and rear bumper corners have flat surfaces, a feature that not only accentuates the car’s wide and solid stance, but also smoothes the flow of air over the vehicle’s flanks, minimizing turbulence and drag.

The ride height is lower by 20 mm compared to the conventional Auris, and underbody panels and a rear diffuser have been fitted to smooth and control airflow beneath the car. The bespoke 18-inch alloy wheels are designed to cut air turbulence in the wheel arches and are shod with low rolling resistance tires. A larger, more efficient rear spoiler is also fitted. These aerodynamic elements target a drag coefficient of 0.28.

Using technology that was first brought to the market in the latest generation Prius, the Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept marks a further development of solar powered ventilation, with solar panels covering the entire roof.

Similar technology is used inside the cabin, with solar panels on top of the dashboard that generate sufficient energy to recharge mobile phones or portable music plays mounted in purpose-designed charging trays. In the future, Toyota aims to advance this technology to provide solar powered recharging of the hybrid battery.

Further energy-saving measures include the use of LED technology for the front and rear lights.



Sounds great - lets hope it is cheap enough for lots of people to buy, and there is enough room left in the boot (trunk) after the batteries have been fitted.

I am not sure about the solar dash - I would have thought solar cells were rather shiny, which is not what you want on the dash.

I am also not sure about the solar roof.
You would be better with a solar "Offset" roof, where the same amount of solar cells are added to a solar farm (or your roof) where they can be pointed at the sun.
I think a white (solar reflecting) roof would be better for most countries - you need less AC.

But some people want to wear their greenness on their sleeves, which they they can clearly do by buying a Prius, but less clearly with an Auris, which could be mistaken by the unwashed for a "normal" Auris. Hence the solar roof - to emphasize their greenness. (As Oscar Wilde would say, "Washing their clean linen in public").

It would be nice to see the aerodynamic refinements added to a "green diesel" version for people who live in the country, and need a diesel for long trips.

richard schumacher

Their *first* full hybrid in Europe? They don't sell the Prius there?

Window glass admits so much cabin heating that the color of the roof has no real effect.


More welcomed refinements from Toyota + extending the use of their excellent Hybrid Drive Systen to another platform.

The Auris-H will probably grow into the Corolla size until the the Corolla-H comes out in late 2010. It will probably grow too to make room for the Hybrid Drive Systm.

Hybridization of existing platforms is a way to reduce fuel consumption and reduce HDS production cost throught mass production.

The next step should be to apply PHEV Drive System to all the Toyota platforms to further reduce fuel consumption. The first of this series will be the Prius-III PHEV in late 2009 or early 2010. Many other platforms will get PHEV systems in 2011/12+. By 2015, most Toyota's platforms may be available as HEVs or PHEVs. Their fuel consumption may be close to 50 mpg or about 50% better than CAFE.

A Prius PHEV built in China could supply the local market at a much lower price.

An IQ-PHEV built in India could also supply the local market at a very low price.

Standardized PHEV drive systems + e-ancillary units + battery packs could be mass produced at much lower cost in countries qith very large low cost labour forces.

Robb Hughes

This is quite the development, two thumbs up for Toyota, once again. Though I also didn't realize the Prius wasn't sold in Europe - shame on me and my ignorance!

Robb Hughes
Head of Sales and Marketing
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The Prius is sold in Europe. The full quote is 'The Auris hybrid will be Toyota’s first full hybrid mainstream model in Europe.' I dont think they class the Prius as 'mainstream'.


I guess you guys have never parked a car in Europe. Economy is important but if you can't park it, its not much good. I recently took a trip to Rome and saw first hand how popular the Smart Car has become. Reason being that it can back into a parallel parking space, so 3 can fit where one could before. Prius is actually a large car in Rome and is very hard to park. Auris would provide hybrid economy benefits without the parking problems.


Good point Phil.

Thomas Lankester

The Euro spec Prius came out in Europe in August 2000. I know, I own one!

The article is referring to a European MANUFACTURED hybrid:
'production model of the hybrid to be built in the UK'

All the Prius's were imported.

About time we started making them more locally and I am chuffed it will be in good ol' blighty.


Heard on that Toyota is sticking with NiMH technology. Lithiums are still not cost-effective in their view.

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