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City of Brighton to Install 20 Elektrobay PEV Charge Points

The city of Brighton UK) plans to install 20 Elektrobay roadside charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) over the coming year. As part of a concerted effort to encourage zero-emissions motoring in the city, councilors have given the go ahead to install an initial 10 Elektrobays in Brighton by the end of 2009, with a further 10 planned for installation early next year.

Brighton-based Elektromotive developed and manufacturers the innovative Elektrobay charging station, and will be responsible for the implementation of the project. Since 2006, the company has established a network of more than 100 roadside charging stations in London.

Elektromotive has already completed installation of four Elektrobays at pilot sites in Brighton. The remaining Elektrobays will be installed in two phases. Funded by Civitas, the clean transportation specialists, the first 10 Elektrobays will be sited in central Brighton. A further 10 charging stations will be subsidized by another organization and will be located in other, yet-to-be-confirmed, parts of Brighton and Hove city.

The single socket unit has a power supply of 13 amps. Consumers access the Elektrobay’s power supply using a personalized wireless key fob that opens the door at the front of the unit. To prevent interference from a third party, the door locks shut when charging is in progress.

To prevent a trip hazard for pedestrians, including the blind and partially sighted, a highly visible yellow coiled cable is provided to all Elektrobay consumers, which extends to 3.5 meters, sitting at waist height when charging is in progress. For the design of the Elektrobay, Elektromotive worked in close consultation with local authorities and opted for a single socket in each unit to allow pedestrians to safely access the pavement when the charging lead is plugged in to an EV. Elektromotive points out that a charging station with cables running to two EVs creates a cordon that obstructs pedestrian access to and from the pavement.



I expect one day they will develop in-pavement charge points to which the car automatically connects. No hassle, no trip hazards. You just park your car and forget about it.

Technology-wise this should be feasible. After all, we already have cars that can park themselves, how difficult can an autoconnect be?

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