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BYD Reportedly Has Sold Less Than 100 F3DM PHEVs in 8 months

Gasgoo. BYD Auto reportedly has sold less than 100 of its F3DM (dual-mode) plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (earlier post) through August. Morgan Stanley projects that actual F3DM sales will fall far behind the goal of 3,000 to 4,000 units for the year.

However, large Chinese automakers and regional government are still bullish on new energy vehicles, and making “abnormal” plans. Experts warmed that the blind expansion of new energy vehicles would possibly lead to redundant construction and overcapacity.

...Moreover, the e6, an EV model estimated to be sold for about CNY 300,000 [US$44,000] apiece, is expected to hit the market at the end of this year. Earlier this year, the Chinese automaker unveiled the e6, the world’s first 5-seater EV that can run 400 kilometers on a full charge, at the Detroit Motor Show.



The first few hundred BYD F3DM were intended for government agencies with charge stations. The current price tag (21,500 USD) is too high for the general public. The ICE version with a much lower price (7,500 to 9 900 USD) is selling much better.

Secondly, most city dwellers do not (yet) have a power outlet to charge a PHEV or BEV. Public charge stations do not exist yet. A charger station program (public and domestic) will get under way soon. PHEV/BEV volume sales will not start until people have easy access to charge stations. BYD and the Chinese governments know that and will solve this problem soon.

Henry Gibson

At the price they are not worth buying even if there were ten plugs for each vehicle. Smaller batteries and a range extender to reduce the price of the car. ..HG..


The best plan is to recall and crush them all, and then let the nuts claim they would have sold like hot cakes.


According to China Car Times:

- 12 major Chinese cities will soon be equipped with distributed charge stations.
- Zotze will produce a small e-SUV with BYD batteries with 300 Km e-range @ $16K.
- About 10 more car manufacturers will produce affordable PHEVs and BEVs in 2010.
- 2009 will be the best year for car sales in China.
- Many foreign manufacturers established in China have almost doubled their sales in 2009.

Many will be surprised how large e-vehicles sales will be in China in 2010.


The same way we are surprised by the success of the BYD F3DM?

So far, it's always mañana with China, unless it's coal, then it's mañana about no coal.



Mañana has already arrived in mid-2009 with regards to total vehicle sales and may very well be there by end of the year or early next year for electrified vehicles.

Many will be surprised to learn how many electrified vehicles will be built and sold in China during the next two years.

The 2% forecasted for USA and Europe by 2020 will be reached many years before in China and Japan.


It could also be because they are damn ugly.

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