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China Developing National Emission Standard V, Likely to Be Published in 2015 China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) is developing a National Emission Standard V for vehicles, according to Ren Hongyan, Director of Air Pollution and Noise Control Division of MEP. He made the remarks during the 2009 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development (IFCAID) held last week in Tianjin.

Ren added that State Administration of Taxation and the Finance Ministry are also considering levying a car emission tax in future. The National Emission Standard V is expected to be published by 2015, according to him.

MEP recently banned gasoline vehicles below National Emission Standard I from driving in Beijing. China’s National Emission Standards have been mapped to the corresponding Euro standards.



So, this is smart strategically, to make it a national goal to improve efficiency. They are also trying to gain control of new oil fields and tar sand projects, but if the goal is having enough resources, efficiency is something that a logically consistent country would do.

Their mileage requirements today are higher than our 2015 goals. I wonder how much higher their new goals will be? It will also likely give them more ways motivate their car makers to innovate and ultimately export more.

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