Peugeot Shows Two HYbrid4 Concepts, New BB1 EV Concept at Frankfurt
GKN Extends China JV with SAIC for 50 Years

More EVs than PHEVs at the Frankfurt Motor Show has compiled a list of the 42 different plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle models on display at the Frankfurt International Motor Show as well as their location on the exhibit floor as a convenience for visitors. (Tesla is also displaying its battery pack, for a 43rd entry.)

Of the 42 vehicles, 11 (26%) are plug-in hybrids, the remainder are EVs. Of the 11 PHEVs:

  • 10 are extended range electric vehicles—Toyota’s concept Prius PHEV is the only non-series hybrid plug-in.
  • 9 (82%) are production prototypes or concepts; only the Fisker Karma and Karma-S are in production or near production.

Of the EVs, 13 (42%) are in production or near production.

(A hat-tip to Siggy!)


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