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Federal Transit Administration Has Awarded $6.7B in Recovery Act Funds To Nearly 600 Transit Providers

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) last week beat a 1 September deadline to provide all states and local communities with 50% of their Recovery Act transit formula dollars. FTA has provided nearly 90% of its $7.5 billion transit stimulus money to states and local communities. FTA is managing an additional $900 million in discretionary funds for New Starts projects, the Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction and Tribal Transit programs and oversight for a total of $8.4 billion.

Since 17 Feb., grants totaling more than $6.7 billion have been made available for transit improvements throughout the country. The majority of these grants will be used to purchase new vehicles, increase safety and security initiatives and construct, rehabilitate, and maintain the various transit systems.

The US Department of Transportation has made $48.1 billion available for highway, road, transit, bridge and airport construction and repairs nationwide. Of that, $26.5 billion already has been obligated to fund more than 7,988 approved projects in 55 US States and Territories. Specific grant information can be found on FTA’s ARRA Grants Digest.



Very uplifting..

After the government allowed GM decades to dismantle urban mass-transit(see the documentary, "Taken for a Ride"), EV's(see ev1.org), and embed itself($50 billion in loans/equity anyone?) - the FTA "beat a 1 September deadline" to distribute some transit recovery funds.

Next thing you know, there will be foreign wars while 18,000 Americans annually die from lack of health insurance and banks get bailouts while giving themselves bonuses.

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