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GM Establishes China Science Lab

General Motors Company has opened a China Science Lab in Shanghai. The facility—the first major science lab established by a global automaker in China—will carry out research projects in a number of automotive-related fields for General Motors on both a domestic and a worldwide basis.

The China Science Lab’s initial focus will be on research related to advanced propulsion technology and joining technology. The China Science Lab will also focus on battery cells, megacity safety research, advanced vehicle development, and light materials.

It will engage in additional activities in accordance with market conditions and its own research capability as it ramps up. The China Science Lab will carry out collaborative work with universities and government-run scientific institutions across China. It is expected to employ up to 100 staff during its early stage of operation.

Our vision for the China Science Lab is to be recognized as a world-class R&D organization that will help drive GM’s automotive business into the future. Our aim is to develop breakthrough technologies that will differentiate GM vehicles in the marketplace and build on GM’s long history of industry firsts. The China Science Lab’s opening demonstrates that GM is moving aggressively to maintain leadership in breakthrough technological research globally.

—Alan Taub, GM’s new Vice President of Global Research and Development

John Du, who has 20 years of professional experience in technology research management, will lead the China Science Lab. He will oversee research and technology development.



Another wise move by New GM?

Henry Gibson

GM gets taxpayers money to create jobs in China. It is now time to break up all of the companies that are too big to fail. ..HG..



Would you include UAW unions in the entities to break up?

Big-3 may have to move the majority of their manufacuring facilities out of USA/Canada to survive.

Employers can't hardly take back all the candies they have given away. Time may have come for a move (out).


If we're lucky, the Chinese will buy GM.

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