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Joint IBIDEN and NxtGen Testing Shows Up to 3% Fuel Economy Improvement Utilizing SiC DPF Regenerated by Syngas

IBIDEN CO., LTD recently completed an engine bench test with NxtGen Emission Controls Inc., which showed that IBIDEN’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) diesel particulate filter (DPF) and NxtGen’s syngas generator (SGG) (earlier post) improved fuel economy by up to 3% when paired together in an exhaust aftertreatment system.

IBIDEN and NxtGen developed the test objectives and the associated test procedure to show the potential benefits and value of utilizing a SiC filter being regenerated by syngas versus post-injection dosing of diesel fuel. Testing compared both the fuel consumption during actual DPF regeneration and total engine lifetime fuel consumption based on simulation.

During these tests, NxtGen’s SGG combined with IBIDEN’s SiC filters showed 30% diesel fuel savings during DPF regeneration compared to using the conventional approach of diesel fuel in-cylinder post-injection regeneration. NxtGen’s SGG also showed the capability to regenerate the SiC DPF in nearly half the time needed using in-cylinder post-injection.

NxtGen’s SGG combined with IBIDEN’s SiC filters also showed a potential improvement of 1% in total engine lifetime fuel consumption. IBIDEN’s SiC DPF enables better total engine lifetime fuel consumption than other materials because of the unique capability and design that captures and safely regenerates higher particulate matter amounts, which effectively extends the time between required regeneration events.

Total fuel consumption was improved an additional 2% by using IBIDEN’s advanced SiC DPF, which has the same soot mass limit, but lower back pressure compared to IBIDEN’s conventional SiC DPF products, offering lower engine back pressure and resulting in improved fuel economy during normal engine operation (in between DPF regenerations).


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