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Iveco Electric Daily Prototype Begins Testing in Brazil

The Electric Daily in Brazil. Click to enlarge.

Iveco has presented a prototype of its new Electric Daily in Brazil, destined to be the first zero emission light commercial vehicle produced in Latin America. The project builds on Iveco’s long-running research and development of electric propulsion, which started with the development of the first Daily with pure electric drive in 1986.

This new project sees Iveco collaborating with Itaipu Binacional, an organization which manages the largest hydroelectric generating station in the world on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. The production of the prototype will enable suitability testing to be carried out, looking specifically at the utilization of electrical energy for the transportation of goods and passengers.

The prototype, based on a crew cab Daily 55C, is equipped with three sealed Zebra Z5 sodium nickel chloride batteries. These batteries do not produce gaseous emissions and are maintenance free and totally recyclable.

Iveco-daily2   Iveco-daily3
Electric Daily MY06: Powertrain. Click to enlarge.   Electric Daily MY06: Main components layout. Click to enlarge.

The vehicle is also equipped with an energy recovery system, enabling the vehicle to recharge its batteries under braking conditions. This system gives the vehicle a range of 100 km (62 miles) and a fully laden top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph).

Once the tests have been completed the Electric Daily is expected to enter production with Iveco at the same site where the Fiat Palio Electric is already produced. This builds on the partnership initiated in 2006 between Fiat Automoveis and Itaipu Binacional for the production of the first pure electric traction automobile in Brazil.

The first 10 Electric Dailys manufactured in the production centre of Foz do Iguaçu will be supplied to Itaipu Binacional and its associated companies. However, the project is also attracting significant interest among other large companies across both Brazil and Argentina. A second prototype based on a different configuration of the Daily is already scheduled for production by Iveco and Itaipu Binacional at the beginning of 2010.




Iveco is owned by Fiat, could we see this the US with a Chrysler name?


You may be on to something, because Daimler is cutting Dodge off from the Sprinter in the US starting in 2010. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it with Chrysler involved though.


Could become an ideal vehicle for UPS, FedEx, DHL + Public Post Offices + city deliveries etc.

I may not look American (Bulky-Big) for the USA market place.

It may not tow the 9000+ lbs boat.

Henry Gibson

Hybrid vehicles reduce fuel consumption and are suited for towing boats. Electric delivery trucks are well suited to the ZEBRA battery with a range equal or better than most lithium batteries on the market, but there should always be an engine powered charger in an electric vehicle. ..HG..

Will S

While not an exciting market niche, such a vehicle is much needed in this sector and Iveco is on the right track.

Lauren Jonczak

That hybrid truck is awesome! I was looking up Itaipu Binacional to get a better understanding of what it actually was. My friends were just talking about it and it peeked my interest. It's nice to see Iveco collaborating with Itaipu Binacional, sounds like a really good thing. Thanks so much for sharing!

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