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Magneti Marelli and FAAM Enter Battery Development Agreement

Magneti Marelli and the FAAM Group, a producer of starter batteries and industrial traction batteries, signed an agreement for the development, production and marketing of innovative lithium traction batteries and the related control and management systems (BMS, Battery Management System).

The agreement provides for joint development of the products and their marketing by the second half of 2010. FAAM will make available its know-how and technology in energy accumulation systems for industrial and automotive use.

Magneti Marelli will share its know-how on the integration of complex systems, and specifically on control and power electronics and energy accumulation and recovery systems, such as the KERS (developed by Magneti Marelli for Formula 1).

Magneti Marelli and FAAM’S new lithium traction batteries and relevant BMS (Battery Management System) are specifically intended for the area of transportation and mobility in a wide sense, aimed at the world of automobiles, motorcycles, buses and industrial vehicles, motor homes and boats as well as at the segment of manufacturers of industrial and agricultural equipment, such as forklift trucks, tractors, machines and means for logistics and industrial cleaning.

The partnership is also open to the establishment of other collaborations with leading international entities in the sector, and looks with interest at the development of activities and projects falling within the scope of government initiatives and approaches in the field of energy policy and research.

FAAM also has an electric vehicle division.


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