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Orbital Sources Motonic for Australian LPG Business

Orbital Corporation Limited, through its LPG business Orbital Autogas Systems, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Motonic Corporation of Korea to source Motonic LPG components for the Australian and New Zealand LPG autogas markets.

Motonic components will form part of the Liquid LPG systems that Orbital has been contracted to supply to Ford Australia and other customers.

Motonic, the world’s largest supplier of LPG autogas components, is a Tier 1 supplier of LPG autogas systems to the Hyundai / Kia Group, the world’s largest producer of LPG vehicles.


Henry Gibson

It does not seem very strange that Australia will have a foreign company build the simple parts required for LPG conversions. Australia exports enough carbon and uranium to pay for the imports. To make them at home would cause unrest because the CO2 the factories would put out could not be allowed by the environmentalists. And farmers displaced by the droughts might get most of the possible jobs because of their skill in dealing with adversity.

The use of LPG as a fuel is a clever ruse by the automobile companies to allow them to continue to build and sell inefficient autombiles with far too large of engines for the majority of their use by appealing to peoples quest for grandeur with more unuseable horsepower, speed and torque.

I just recently found a radio in storage from the era when a seven transister radio was considered better than a five transister radio and the manufacturers would install useless unconnected transisters for advertising purposes.

Very few, if any, automobile users have gotten the advertised horsepower out of an automobile. The 2CV might be an exception as 2CV means two horsepower, but 2CV was the name not the advertised horsepower.

Autogas cars of large horsepower will be sold by pretending to the environmentalists that autogas makes it ok to have a large engine because there is less (a small percentage) carbon in the fuel.

Automobiles with small engines could be built by simply adopting the methods of the first and most of the subsequent diesel electric locomotives. They would not need a big engine to accelerate from a stop to 100 km/st in three seconds like the Tesla; just rev up the engine before sending power to the wheel motors from the engine generator.

Such a sytem would not need a single transistor or even any lithium ion batteries or ZEBRA batteries. The already horrid efficiency of large gasoline engines would be replaced by more efficient small engines and a slightly less efficient electric transmission.

Parry People Movers now has two hydraulic versions of such a system in full commercial operation. Because of regulations it took them more years to do this than it took to build the atomic bomb from creating the first chain reaction. ..HG..

Sultan Hussain43

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