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REVA Introducing Two New EV Models at Frankfurt

Reva Electric Car Company (REVA) will unveil two new electric car models at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) next week.

The REVA NXR. Click to enlarge.

The REVA NXR is a four-seat, three-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving that can be ordered at the show, with production scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010. The showcar, REVA’s model for 2011, is the REVA NXG; a sporty two-seater with a targa roof that was designed by Dilip Chhabria of the automotive design company DC Design.

REVA is the brand of the Reva Electric Car Company, a Bangalore, India-based company formed as a joint venture between Maini Group of India and AEV LLC of California and backed by US investors Global Environment Fund and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Today, REVA is selling, or being test-marketed, in 24 countries worldwide and has the largest deployed fleet of electric cars on the market with more than 3,000 EVs on the road and more than 70 million kilometers of user experience.

The company is building a new vehicle assembly plant in Bangalore with a capacity of 30,000 units per year, to accommodate increased production.


Bharat Sahay

This is exciting. I am an Electrical Engineer with background in Power/Control & Systems and Digital Systems. India is going through major infrastructure build up and enegy consumptions is one of the prime concerns as well as Emission Control affecting the Global Ecology.

Electric Motor is far more efficient than Gasoline Engine. The Grand Railway Systems in India is testimony of Electrical Motor driven massive trains hauling millions of passengers across India every day.

In America, the electric driven cars is bigger challenges because of logistics of providng Electrical Charging Station and also politically being blocked by Oil Taccoons and lobbyist involved.

As an Electrical Engineer, I always wondered why America or deveoled country do not promote Electrical driven cars. So the solution is hybrid power. The cost factor is still there because of two types of Engine and swirthing from gasoline to electric mode and vice versa makes Control System of Transmission Design equally challenging.

With fully electric driven cars or engines, the overaul cost becomes far more less compared to hybrid driven cars. Also, the electric motors technology is known for years. So, India Government taking leading role iin providing Electric Charging stations is huge advantage.

Moreover, being raised in India, I am fully aware of creativity of Auto-Mechanics in small town as well as big cities. The growing population of billions and growing faster than any country on this earth, provide self sustaining market to make Electric Car being pioneered in India.

I am very excited with collaboration of GM and REVA electric cars. It makes lots of sense. GM currently on survival mode gasping for any tie would be immensely valuable.

I hope GM management take notice of this opportunity and turn this into revolutionary innovation of millenium. We wish this endeavor all successes in pursuit of clean efficent eco friendly car best suitable for transportation for this millenium.

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