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Toyota to Unveil Three Hybrid Concepts at Frankfurt: Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept, Plug-in Prius Concept, Lexus LF-Ch Full Hybrid Concept

Toyota will stage the world premiere of three hybrid concepts at the Frankfurt Motor Show: the Auris HSD full hybrid, the Prius plug-in hybrid concept, and the Lexus LF-Ch premium compact full hybrid concept.

Toyota says that the Auris hybrid concept represents the first step in the Hybrid Synergy Drive across the company’s model range. In July, Toyota announced that it will manufacture the hybrid C-segment Auris at its UK-based facility in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Production of Toyota’s first European-built full hybrid will kick-off at Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd (TMUK) in mid-2010.

The Toyota Auris hit the European market place in spring 2007. Since then, it has sold more than 370,000 vehicles. Under the new Toyota Optimal Drive technology, Auris now comes equipped with a 1.33-liter dual VVT-i engine and Toyota’s Start&Stop technology, reducing CO2 emissions by 17% (135 g/km) and improving fuel consumption by 19%.

The new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Concept will also make its world premiere in Frankfurt. In early 2010, a field trial in Europe will see more than 150 units being leased to selected fleet customers.

The Lexus LF-Ch applies full hybrid technology in a 5-door compact package targeted at premium compact segment customers.



So Toyota dips its toe into the PHEV market, before the Volt gets there.  This is another sign that GM is a day late and a dollar short.


You know, after reading this site for the last 3-4 years, I am growing weary with hearing about PHEVs being leased in small quantities to "selected fleet customers". Grow a pair Toyota! It seems like you're stalling. We're ready.

And with regard to the Auris getting start&stop technology, what the hell took you so long? This seems to be a no brainer. Bring it to the world now! And not as a concept vehicle. Show that you "get it".




Keep in mind that automotive industry is an extremely conservative industry and for good reasons, so usually they don't introduce new technologies unless they are forced to (remember in the 80s the resistance of the car manufacturers to introduce catalytic converters). Introducing a concept like plug-in hybrid is a huge risk for a car maker, especilally in these times of dire economy. I am afraid there is still a long way to go before plug-in and electric cars become main stream, long long way, ICE will still be the main stream for the next 20 years and by a large amount. I don't like it but no much that we can do about it, well not exactly, we can take our bike for short commutes and then realize that bike are a wonderful invention that help us to stay fit and in good health, slash emissions and oil dependency as well as improving the quality of our life in big cities, and some bikes are so sexy these days with Carbon Fiber frame and all high tech components. Why should we wait for new technologies to be happy when there is already existing solutions? Electric car might pollute less and reduce our oil dependency but they won't solve the problem that most of people don't take enough exercise in this country, (as a result diabete is soaring and will put the healthcare system down). Don't forget this paradoxe : if our care consume less and pollute less them will use them even more, that's the rebound effect, and cars nuisance will get worse.

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