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UK Opens £7.2M Competition for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration Projects

The UK has opened a competition for up to £7.2 million (US$12 million) of funding for companies to develop hydrogen and fuel fell technology. The competition is being funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and is part of measures for stimulating low carbon technologies announced in its budget for this year.

Companies will be able to bid to the Technology Strategy Board, which will manage the program, for a share of the cash to develop and test the technology.

The target markets that the program aims to support are transport and stationary power generation. The program could therefore support projects to:

  • Facilitate the demonstration of a fleet of fuel cell and hydrogen vehicles.
  • Facilitate the demonstration of residential micro CHP and distributed power generation products based on fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.
  • Facilitate the demonstration of production of hydrogen from non-carbon sources and its use as an energy carrier.
  • Facilitate the development of scalable processes and equipment for the mass manufacture and testing of fuel cells and fuel cells modules.
  • Enable in line product testing and testing for performances and reliability under realistic operating conditions.


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