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Total Intends to Actively Participate in France’s BioTfuel BTL project

Already a partner in France’s Futurol project to develop second-generation bioethanol, Total has expressed an interest in actively participating in the BioTfueL (BXtL) project for the thermochemical conversion of biomass to synthetic diesel and kerosene.

Total has offered to provide more than 30% of the financing required of the project partners; share the expertise and dedication of its R&D teams; and host a pilot unit to test the process at an existing plant, which would reduce the associated costs. Total said that it hopes that this project will be deployed as soon as possible.

France’s Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME) will finance a portion of the €100-million ( US$148 million) program. In addition to Total, other partners in the project include IFP, the Atomic Energy Board, and Sofiproteol.




I may be that biofuel will be the next big wave. Biofuel can be put into the existing infrastructure with less investment than hydrogen cars. It just goes in the tank like other fuels, is more CO2 neutral and can be profitable. Even with changes in the price of oil, it could continue to grow in the coming years.

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