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DSB and Better Place Partner to Deliver a Sustainable Transportation Alternative in Denmark with EV-Train Combo

Better Place and DSB, Denmark’s state-owned passenger rail company, signed an agreement to provide Danes with door-to-door, sustainable transportation by combining passenger rail and electric car service.

The agreement contains two main elements. The first is the creation of infrastructure to charge EVs at a number of train stations, and the second is the goal to establish a joint EV-sharing scheme at the main commuter stations. The infrastructure at the train stations will be used by both the EV-sharing scheme and the private EVs. By using smart charging the infrastructure ensures that the EVs are charged at the optimum time, thus ensuring that the energy powering the cars comes from renewable sources whenever possible.

In 2010 DSB and Better Place will establish a pilot project based on a shared EV scheme that will include approximately 10 electric cars at each station. The Høje-Taastrup and Skanderborg train stations will offer customers the opportunity to go from one end of the country to the other in the greenest and most efficient manner.

By using a PC and in the future, a mobile phone, the customer will be able to book train tickets, make seat reservations and order an EV from the sharing scheme, which they can pick up when they arrive at the destination station. The common EV-sharing scheme provided by DSB and Better Place will be extended to several of the largest commuter stations after the initial pilot.

We consider the cooperation agreement with DSB as a unique opportunity to promote the adoption of EVs in Denmark and an important milestone in our work to establish a nationwide infrastructure for sustainable transportation. Together, DSB and Better Place will provide a more convenient, more environmentally friendly transportation solution that allows Danes to be green from door-to-door. This is exactly the kind of coordinated, intelligent co-melting of technologies and solutions, that Denmark needs to reduce the excessive CO2 emissions that come from petrol powered cars.

—Jens Moberg, CEO of Better Place Denmark


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Brilliant idea. I may add that DSB’s intercity trains have desks at each seat where you can work using your notebook. They also have power plugs for the notebooks and mobil phones at each seat and they are currently outfitting their trains with internet WiFi service as well. They also serve beverage and various meals at the intercity trains although their meals are mostly for nutrition without much pleasure.

It is brilliant because it adds to the convenience of travel long-distance using a train and then this is saving the environment as well. It also does a good job of solving one of the problems with limited EV range (at least in Denmark). Personally I will use my own EV and my own battery for getting to the nearest DBS station but I do not mind using a rental EV with better place batteries at the other end. Also this is more convenient than flying since DSB offers more comfort in their trains and their stations are located in the center of the cities and not at a remote location outside the city.


I agree Henrik. A good idea that alleviates the hassle and cost of air travel into city centers. A Better Place needs deals like this to remain viable because it's highly doubtful their battery swap biz will make it.

One quibble: "The Høje-Taastrup and Skanderborg train stations will offer customers the opportunity to go from one end of the country to the other in the greenest and most efficient manner."

The greenest would be by foot. Next by bike. Next by E-bike, etc.

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