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Elektromotive Participating in smart EV Trials in UK

Elektromotive, a leading provider of electric vehicle charging facilities, has been selected as one of the UK companies trialing the smart electric drive (earlier post).

Elektromotive’s smart electric drive. Click to enlarge.

Elektromotive has taken delivery of its own fully electric smart and, over the next 4 years, will report back on the car’s battery performance, reliability and range. The information will be evaluated by smart as it moves towards small series production of the smart electric drive in 2010.

The trial will also form part of Elektromotive’s ongoing research and development program, helping it devise new EV charging facilities for installation at the roadside, in car parks, at homes and in business premises.

A market trial of 100 fully electric smarts is running exclusively in the UK. The car is being made available on a lease arrangement to selected corporate customers. The smart electric drive has been developed in conjunction with Zytek Group, and is exempt from Vehicle Exercise Duty and London Congestion Charge.



smart electric drive

What they mean is of course the "Smart Electric Drive".

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