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Mercedes-Benz’ fully Internet-based system, myCOMAND, passed its first on-road test. During the Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions Forum 2009 in Munich, myCOMAND was run for the first time on a 4G wireless high-speed LTE (Long Term Evolution) network.

Applied in an S-Class prototype, all myCOMAND features provided smooth and enhanced performance, with high resolution and improved quality. The roll-out of wireless technologies such as LTE is a necessary prerequisite for myCOMAND connectivity, Daimler noted. This first trial is an important milestone on the way to product realization of myCOMAND features and applications.

Up to the trial, myCOMAND functions had been run on wired or lower-bandwidth wireless connections such as UMTS. To realize the full potential of new telematics and infotainment applications in automobiles, the Internet has to be available almost everywhere in a mobile environment via cellular network with a higher bandwidth than what is available today. This is also a technical prerequisite for the series introduction of functions like the ones myCOMAND offers.

At the test-ground in Munich, a LTE network was built up that supports bandwidths of 5 to 25 Mbps when multiple vehicles are moving at average speeds of 40 km/h (25 mph). This is about two to eight times greater than with today’s telecommunication networks. The improvement in performance is significant: Most of myCOMAND features run smoother, maps load faster, higher quality audio and video can be streamed, and street view images with brilliant resolution can load quickly.

myCOMAND lays the foundation for optimal use of the Internet in the car. The Mercedes-Benz researchers expect that it will take a few more years until LTE will be available globally and such a system is available in production cars.


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