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Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. has introduced a fuel-efficient, high-performance diesel hybrid electric powertrain, “Q-Force”. In 2007, the US Army awarded Quantum a $4.88-million contract (earlier post) to develop a diesel hybrid electric version of its Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV) “Aggressor.” (Earlier post.)

The proprietary 4-wheel drivetrain can be configured for specialized military as well as commercial applications. In one configuration, the diesel engine produces 75 hp (56 kW), the electric motor, 133 hp (99 kW), and the powertrain yields 5,463 lb-ft (7,407 N·m) of torque after gear reduction.

The first application of Quantum Q-Force is in a JP-8 fuel compatible diesel engine-based, battery dominant, series-hybrid electric military Alternative Mobility Vehicle (AMV). A number of pre-production prototypes that incorporate Q-Force have been successfully developed and built for testing and evaluation by selected commands to assess mission suitability, supportability, performance objectives, and guidance on final vehicle configuration.

Features of Q-Force include:

  • Sophisticated System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, incorporating Quantum’s proprietary algorithms;

  • Hybrid control system that minimizes battery size through optimized charge controls and regenerative braking;

  • Optimized engine operation/calibration and generator performance; and

  • Advanced traction motor/transmission system.

Our innovative diesel hybrid electric all-wheel drive system provides high performance, acceleration and extended range, resulting in significant advantages for the US Army in communications, surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance missions. We believe that Quantum’s Q-Force drivetrain is also very well-suited for commercial applications including homeland security, border patrol, park service operations, and light-duty automobiles.

—Alan Niedzwiecki, President and CEO of Quantum

Quantum’s Aggressor vehicle was a high-performance light-duty off-road fuel-cell hybrid vehicle developed for the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), National Automotive Center (NAC).

In 2008 Quantum introduced a gasoline plug-in-hybrid electric drive—Q-Drive—in the Fisker KARMA 4-door sports sedan. (Earlier post.) Fisker Automotive, co-founded in 2007 by Quantum and Henrik Fisker, was recently selected by the US Department of Energy for a low interest loan of $528.7 million, under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program. (Earlier post.)



"Advanced High Performance All-Wheel Drive Diesel Hybrid Electric Drive System"...a mouthful, but I love it when companies are able to blend the best of many worlds for new and exciting products.


"5,463 lb-ft of torque" WTF!!!
without Caterpillar tracks a vehicle can't possibly use that much torque.



Wouldn't that be ideal for Hummers and similar heavy vehicles? Hummers doing 60 mph in less than 4 seconds may sell to people in need of strong emotions.

Hybrid locomotives, trackers and heavy machinery may also appreciate all that torque.

There is certainly a niche market for it.

Carlos Fandango

The original Agressor had a fuel cell. Nice, but might be limited in range behind enemy lines.

I'd like a bio-diesel diesel hybrid option for a special forces operations. If running out of gas you can hold up a fish and chip shop.

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