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Lord Stern: A Good Chance for a Serious Deal in Copenhagen

Speaking from the Copenhagen editors forum, UK economist Lord Nicholas Stern (earlier post) said that there is hope for an ambitious deal on climate change being reached at Copenhagen. Speaking on the progress of the negotiation process, Lord Stern said that though there was still a long way to go, it was important to not be defeatist.

As we ponder the difficulties, and there are no doubt many, in this last couple of months, we should recognize the very strong progress that has been made over these last few weeks. There is a long way to go, but I think we have a good chance of getting a serious deal in Copenhagen.

—Lord Stern

Representatives from publications from Afghanistan to the USA gathered in Copenhagen October 9-11 for Project Syndicate’s “Kyoto to Copenhagen”, a three-day conference featuring discussions and interviews with figures such as Lord Nicholas Stern, Jeffery Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz. The conference occurred as two weeks’ negotiations in Bangkok drew to a close.


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