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Suzuki to Show Plug-in Hybrid Variant of Swift, Fuel Cell Variant of SX4 at Toyota Motor Show

At the Tokyo Motor Show next week, Suzuki will show three concept cars: an all-new Alto Concept for the minivehicle segment; a new Swift Plug-in Hybrid concept; and the SX4-FCV fuel cell vehicle, shown earlier in 2008.

The Swift PHEV. Click to enlarge.

The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is a series hybrid incorporating a propulsion motor, a battery, and an engine-powered generator. The Swift Plug-in offers a battery-powered range of about 20 km (12 miles). When the battery runs low, an engine of a kind usually used in minivehicles (i.e., about 660 cc) powers a generator that charges the battery.

The SX4-FCV uses an 80 kW GM fuel cell stack, fueled by hydrogen from a 70 MPa tank to power a 68 kW motor. Supercapacitors capture energy from regenerative braking. With a view to commercializing the SX4-FCV, Suzuki is testing it on public roads with government approval and using the resulting data in ongoing development. (Earlier post.) The SX4-FCV seats 5, has a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) and a range of 250 km (155 miles).



GM sold most of its Suzuki stock a few years ago. The CEO of Suzuki said "they must need the money". How right he they have a chance to grab this market in a big way and I hope that they do.

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