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Syntec Biofuel Changing Name to Synthenol to Reflect Use of Natural Gas and Coal Feedstocks

Syntec Biofuel Inc. will apply to change its name to Synthenol, Inc. in order to differentiate itself from a conventional biofuel business. Syntec Biofuel’s technology is based on the catalytic conversion of syngas, generated from biomass, natural gas or coal, to produce not only ethanol but methanol and other high value alcohols such as propanol and butanol. (Earlier post.)

While the company’s original model was based solely on the utilization of biomass or biogas, its ability to produce mixed alcohols from natural gas and coal has allowed Syntec to increase the potential its catalyst offers.

We have decided to broaden our market reach by offering our technology to coal producers and to natural gas and methanol producers that might include Methanex, BP, Sabic and Mitsui.

—Syntec Biofuel CEO Michael Jackson

Syntec says it also wants its shareholders to understand that its range of four products poses a lower investment risk than producing a single biofuel (such as ethanol) and offers the opportunity for higher revenues, as the average price of the mixed alcohols is currently over $2.50 per gallon.


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