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EIG will supply 20Ah NCM Li-ion polymer cells to Miljøbil Grenland AS. Click to enlarge.

Miljøbil Grenland AS, a Norwegian subsidiary of Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc., awarded South Korea-based Energy Innovation Group Ltd. (EIG) a contract to supply batteries for the Indica Vista EV project (earlier post), a development of the TATA Indica Vista.

Within the supply agreement, EIG Ltd. is to supply 20Ah lithium-ion polymer cells to Miljøbil Grenland AS for the design validation and the subsequent engineering sign-off scheduled for early 2010. The supply agreement envisions the supply of two million battery cells as well as the associated parts and services through the end of 2012.

The ePLB C020 cells, with a Li[NiCoMn]O2-based cathode and graphite-based anode, are optimized for application in plug-in hybrid electric and full electric vehicles. Specific energy is 175 Wh/kg; energy density is 370 Wh/L, according to EIG.

In June, EIG achieved ISO/TS16949 certification for its design, development and production processes—the first Korean large format Li-ion manufacturer to receive the certification. ISO/TS16949 is an automotive quality management system based on ISO 9001 and emphasizes defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste at all steps in the design and manufacturing process. (Earlier post.)

After being audited by Miljøbil Grenland and Tata Motor’s European Technical Centre plc., EIG was recognized as meeting or exceeding all requirements to be a preferred supplier.

In October 2008, battery supplier Electrovaya announced it was partnering with Tata Motors and Miljø Grenland/Innovasjon to manufacture batteries and electric cars in Norway, beginning in 2009, using Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery technology for the Indica EV. (Earlier post.)

As part of that deal, Electrovaya became a shareholder of Miljøbil as a joint-venture partner. Miljøbil is establishing a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Norway as a licensee of Electrovaya’s battery technology and process technology.

This plant will be a zero-emission production plant that meets all EU and Norwegian environmental requirements; it will take some time to have that plant setup, according to Electrovaya. Therefore, Tata Motors requires a cell supply for its initial production prior to the completion of the Miljøbil battery plant, and it needs a second source supplier, said Electrovaya, commenting on the EIG announcement.


Carlos Fandango

@175 Wh/Kg a 25KWh battery weighs a fairly respectable 142Kg. Less packaging and controls of course.

I always thought Electrovaya had the most energy dense batteries around. This looks different to the really high energy polymer stuff, maybe someone can enlighten me.

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