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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced Vision Industries’ fuel cell plug-in hybrid Class 8 short haul truck, Tyrano, at the State Capitol building in Sacramento on 20 October. (Earlier post.)

2009 Tyrano Freightliner. Click to enlarge.

There are currently more than 100,000 short haul trucks in California and more than 1 million nationwide. Traditionally, short haul trucking is done by trucks that are on the later part of their life cycle—i.e., less efficient and more polluting. Short-haul trucking also predominantly occurs in populated urban areas, affecting the health and quality of life of millions of California residents.

Vision says that the Tyrano is 35% cheaper to operate than current diesel powered trucks and 50% cheaper than liquefied natural gas. The 80,000 GVW tractor offers either 16.5 or 33 kg of compressed hydrogen storage, resulting in an operating range of 200 or 400 miles, respectively, per 8-hour shift.

The tractor offers up to 3,300 lb-ft (4,474 N·m) of available torque. Torque is electronically limited to the maximum transmission torque input.

The Tyrano is powered by Hydrogenics HyPM 16 fuel cell modules. Initial units will be used to complete testing and demonstration of the Tyrano the vehicles in and around the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Second stage deliveries will be dependent on purchase orders for the trucks being received by Vision.

In September, Vision entered into a distribution agreement with Los Angeles Freightliner and Velocity Vehicle Group. Los Angeles Freightliner is to be an authorized dealer of the Tyrano truck within Southern California. Los Angeles Freightliner also agrees to administer all product warranties, services and repairs programs established by Vision.


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