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Webchat with EPRI’s Mark Duvall and GM’s Britta Gross on Electric Infrastructure at 4pm EDT

GM will host a webchat with Mark Duvall, Director of Electric Transportation Power Delivery and Utilization at EPRI and Britta Gross, GM Director Global Energy Systems and Infrastructure Commercialization today at 4:00 pm EDT. Both are participating in the inaugural Business of Plugging-in conference in Detroit (which has drawn more than 600 conferees), and the primary topic of the webchat will be developments in electric infrastructure to support the commercialization of plug-ins.

The webchat is accessible below, or at GM’s Fastlane Blog, as well as other sites.



Hmmm... Only two short years ago there was a howl of hatred aimed at this idea. Today it looks like they're leading the mass market EV revolution.

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