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Argonne to Construct $95M Energy Research Facility

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is providing $8 million to Argonne National Laboratory for detailed design work for a new, world-class energy research facility. This is the first step in beginning work on what is expected to be a $95 million construction project.

The Energy Sciences Building (ESB) will provide an environment that will accelerate the pace of discovery by bringing together interdisciplinary teams of researchers in a space that can be adjusted to accommodate an evolving energy-related science agenda. Construction is scheduled to begin during fiscal year 2011.

The work in the ESB will focus on four central themes:

  • Discovery synthesis: designing and synthesizing new materials to achieve a better understanding and enhancing the performance or durability of existing energy conversion materials;

  • Solar energy: learning from nature to more efficiently harness the power of the sun and convert it to fuels or electricity;

  • Catalysis/fuel cells: designing and fabricating better catalysts and fuel cell materials for more efficient energy conversion;

  • Electrical energy storage: performing the science and engineering for better batteries with higher energy densities, enhanced safety, and extended lifetimes for device, transportation, and electrical grid applications.



With all the DOE facilities around the country (you can't tell me there isn't a vacant/semi-vacant facility somewhere they could use), why they have to spend 95 mil on a brand new facility is baffling. They could reuse an existing building and use the money for equipment.


Of all the things the govt spends (wastes) money on, this is one that i won't complain about. I wish the number were double or triple. This is the most important issue facing this country (energy) and Argonne is a first rate institution that will make good use of the money.

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