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Companies in ElectricTransportation Value Chain to Form Electrification Coalition

Business leaders representing the entire value chain of an electrified transportation system will hold a press conference on Monday, 16 November to announce the formation of the Electrification Coalition and the release of its Electrification Roadmap, a report outlining a vision for the deployment of electric vehicles and infrastructure on a mass scale.

Following the press conference, Coalition members will participate in a roundtable discussion. Members of the Electrification Coalition include:

  • Timothy E. Conver, Chairman, President & CEO, AeroVironment, Inc.
  • Peter L. Corsell, CEO, GridPoint, Inc.
  • David W. Crane, President & CEO, NRG Energy, Inc.
  • Kevin Czinger, President & CEO, Coda Automotive
  • Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman & CEO, Rockwood Holdings, Inc.
  • Carlos Ghosn, President & CEO, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.
  • Alex A. Molinaroli, Chairman, Johnson Controls-Saft and President, Johnson Controls Power Solutions
  • Reuben Munger, Chairman, Bright Automotive, Inc.
  • Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President & CEO, FedEx Corporation
  • David P. Vieau, President & CEO, A123 Systems, Inc.


Henry Gibson

Since night charging of vehicles is possible with the existing power generators, there only remains the issue of putting a cheap electric car on the road.

Lead acid chemistry batteries can be used in a stationary way to use night power and then charge at a very high rate at any time.

Vanadium flow batteries or sodium sulphur batteries can be used instead of lead when they become more available.



It is good to see so many people interested in electrification. I'm still waiting to see who will come up with innovative after-market products to support electrification, EVs, PHEVs, etc.

Huge opportunities abound e.g. software that adds "plug-in" capabilities to your onboard computer. How about a free-charge locator? Places you can shop that let you charge-up while you're buying products or services.

After-market supercaps, custom wiring, quick charge accessories, charge reminders, and V2home are just a few of the opportunities for innovators and engineers to come up with winning products.

Should be lots of fun.


How about a free-charge locator?
I'll bet there is already an iPhone App for that -- at least in the wings.

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