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Dana Battery Cooling Technology for Electric Vehicles Debuts on Tesla Roadster Sport

Dana Holding Corporation has developed a Long heat exchanger designed to extend battery life in hybrid and electric vehicles. The technology recently made its debut on Tesla Motors’ 2010 all-electric Roadster Sport.

Lithium-ion battery life is dependent on maintaining optimum operating temperatures. Dana’s heat-exchange technology cools the Roadster’s battery by transferring heat generated within the battery to the vehicle’s climate-control system. In addition, a temperature sensor mount provides continuous feedback to the climate-control system. This interface helps to maintain the battery’s ideal temperature during operation, thus helping to extend battery life.

Dana engineers constructed the heat exchanger using a patented aluminum brazing process, ensuring cleanliness of both the climate control and battery coolant fluids. The use of high-strength aluminum alloys provides greater material strength and contributes to weight savings.

Additionally, the chiller’s compact design also provides significant space savings—critical for helping engineers accommodate the Roadster’s 6,800-cell battery pack.

Dana developed and is manufacturing the heat exchanger at its advanced engineering center in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


Henry Gibson

If you own a TESLA you can afford to connect it to the grid when you sleep. ZEBRA batteries should be tried in at least two TESLAs; one in a cold climate and one in a warm climate. They will be discovered to need no cooling except from the ambient air. ..HG..

Robert (electricman) Weekley

Would this kind of a product work on simpler EV's like my firefly (electricfly) Ev Conversion? Lead Acid Batteries are prety much cold sensitive too - and work better (a lot) at 25-27C versus 0C (Like tonight)

Is this going to be retailed anytime soon? http://www.myelectricfly.com/batteryboxes.php could it be used in these battery boxes?

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