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EVI Launches New Medium-Duty Electric Truck, Allies with Freightliner Custom Chassis for Electric Walk-in Van, Selects Valence for Exclusive Battery Supplier

Electric Vehicles International (EVI) has introduced its new medium-duty truck, the MD EVI. (Earlier post.) EVI also has formed a strategic alliance with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation to build a fully electric Walk-In Van, the WI EVI.

At the unveiling of the vehicles at the Grand Opening ceremony for EVI’s new US headquarters and production facility in Stockton, California, EVI also announced an exclusive supply agreement with Valence Technologies for Li-ion energy storage systems.

MD EVI. With Gross Vehicle Weight ratings (GVWR) of a class 4 (15,000 lbs) up to a class 6 (25,950 lbs), the MD EVI can meet most commercial needs. The electric motor application—occupying less space than a conventional engine—also allows for a 55-degree wheel cut, making the MD EVI one of the most maneuverable trucks in its class.

Powered by a 360 Volt 3-phase electric motor with a rated power of 100 kW (max 146 hp) and 450 ft-lb (610 N·m) of torque at 0 rpm and using an Eaton 6-speed Ultrashift automatic transmission, the MD EVI is capable of top speeds of up to 60 mph.

The high-density top-of-the range Valence U-Charge XP Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries allow for an average range of up to 115 miles (MD 115)—a more than adequate number for most return-to-base commercial applications—and can be charged overnight. Smaller, more cost efficient battery packs with slightly smaller range choices are available for the MD 60 and MD 80 models. Production of the MD EVI will start in late 2009 and first deliveries to customers are expected in the first quarter of 2010.

WI EVI. The fully electric WI-EVI built upon the FCCC chassis will use the same drivetrain as the MD EVI. The WI EVI also comes with three different battery packages offering three different ranges, the WI 60 (60 miles range), WI 80 (80 mile range) and WI 115, which offers a 115 mile range. All three WI models use Valence Technology’s U-Charge XP battery system for best reliability and safety. Manufacturing of the WI EVI, too, is expected to begin in late 2009.



In the not too distant future, most 53-ft cargo trailers will be transported on medium and long distances on WB flat rail cars. Electrified tractors will pull those trailers for short distances at both ends.

Long diesel-electric and/or electrified trains capable of moving up to 200 trailers with two people are much more efficient than current 200 diesel heavy trucks with 200 drivers. WB understands that very clearly.

Lower speed e-tractors can move the trailers to and from rail yards to final destinations without much noise and GHG.

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