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Generac Industrial Power, Fiat Powertrain Technologies Partner for Diesel Engines Supply

Generac Power Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of standby and portable power generation equipment and Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) have formed a strategic partnership. Beginning in 2010, FPT will supply Generac with a wide range of industrial diesel engines for use in gensets with outputs ranging from 60 to 350 kilowatts (kW).

FPT engines for power generation benefit from the technologies developed and applied worldwide in numerous applications encompassing construction equipment, agriculture and commercial vehicles as well as passenger automobiles. Key attributes include high performance and compactness, combined with low operating costs and minimal environmental impact.

The engines require 37% less oil and feature best-in-class 600-hour oil and filter change intervals, which is 20% better than competitors’ average, according to Generac. The high power density provided by turbocharging and enhanced injection systems, such as the FPT second generation Electronic Common Rail, allows performance normally achievable only with bigger size engines, providing obvious benefits in lower fuel consumption and smaller size. FPT engines are thus able to meet the most demanding customer requirements for performance, operating cost and ease of installation and service.



What are they saying, an industrial optimised electrical generater power plant is more efficient than a typical automotive aplication?
And......Oh they can supply bypass oil filters with the same.
I needed to hear that.

Henry Gibson

It is hoped that some of these gen sets will also burn natural gas as part of the fuel. ..HG..

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