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Inauguration Ceremony for Inbicon Biomass Biorefinery in Denmark

Denmark’s Prince Joachim inaugurated the Inbicon biomass biorefinery in Kalundborg, Denmark, where ethanol will be produced from straw. In addition to bioethanol, the plant will also produce lignin biopellets and C5 molasses. The biopellets can be used as fuel at CPH plants, and the C5 molasses can be used for animal feed. Inbicon is a subsidiary of DONG Energy.

The Kalundborg facility will work on scaling up the process to commercial volumes. Annual production is targeting 5.4 million liters (1.4 million gallons US) of ethanol, 8,250 tonnes of fuel pellets, and 11,100 tonnes of animal feed.

The Inbicon plant uses enzymes from Novozymes and from Genencor (Danisco) in its pre-treatment.

In June, Statoil in Denmark signed a contract for the first 5 million liters of cellulosic ethanol from Inbicon.

Assisted by the Partnership for Biofuels, Inbicon, Novozymes, Danisco and Statoil have joined forces to deliver ethanol produced at the Kalundborg plant to power half the official fleet at the COP15 climate conference this December. The cars will be supplied by Volvo from their existing FlexiFuel Vehicle range.


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