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Iran Khodro Unveils First National Diesel Engine for Passenger Cars

Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. (IPCO) unveiled its first national diesel engine for passenger cars.

The unveiling ceremony was concurrent with the first day of the “Sixth International Conference on Internal Combustion Engines” in Tehran, organized by IPCO.

The 60 kW (80 hp) diesel has an average fuel consumption of 5 L/100km (47 mpg US), and, equipped with a diesel particulate filter and new Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, is Euro V compliant. It can be mounted on all of Iran Khodro’s C and D class products. Fuel consumption for the diesel is approximately 30% less and emissions approximately 40% less than gas engines with the same specification, according to the company.



Iran is producing some first rate mini and suitcase nuclear devices so we should also expect their diesels to be very advanced 'for their age'

The main comment on this is in relation to the stated poor performance across the board of the gas vehicles.
They sound very backward.
I usually prefer not to make comments on these matters as sometimes people can lose the plot.
Lets hope the Ayatollah is having a good hair-day this week.


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