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Peugeot Begins Sales of its First Electrically-Assisted Bicycle

Peugeot teamed up with Ultra Motor on the development of its first electrically-assisted bicycle, now available through its European dealership network.

Peugeot e-Bike. Click to enlarge.

Ultra Motor is the provider of the A2B Metro electric bike.

The Peugeot hybrid bicycle is fitted with a Li-ion 36V removable battery and a 250W electrical motor, providing range of up to 70 kilometers (44 miles). The Peugeot electrically assisted bicycle’s three assistance levels and torque sensor make cycling so much easier, even on the steepest climbs.

The front and back disk brakes, separate automatic lighting and the suspension all contribute to user comfort and safety. Recommended retail price is €2,290 (US$3,400) including VAT.



Very Cool. It looks a lot like the Bixi Bike. With up to 70 Km range it may not need much more than one charge a week. The large Lithium battery must be expensive?


Well we tried the EV1 - nope.

The Insight I - nope.

The Prius (I, II and III) - It's catching on.

Now this ? For US$3,400 ? - Nope.


E-bikes probably use less energy per km than any other form of mechanically propelled transport.

So if you really care about CO2, you might buy one.
But if you REALLY care, you might just cycle.

The problem with this one is the cost - e2300 is a lot for an E-bicycle - you could buy a scooter for this money, or 4 nice bikes.

I can see an advantage in hot countries where you don't want to arrive in work sweating - not such a problem in cooler climes.

I could see them taking off if governments tightened up on pollution levels for ICE scooters, otherwise, they are going to have to get a lot cheaper (and nicer looking).
[ Schwinn do nice ones ].
+ I am not sure an e-bike needs a 70KM range.
If you halved it, or offered 1/2 range as an option, you would get a lower price and maybe better sales.

More market research required IMHO.


The EV1 was crushed - like crushed GM, millions of hybrid cars have been sold, forget the nopes..

The Goracle


Very Cool?!?!

That's right. Tell it like is is, mahonj.

If you are obese, like our savior Al Gore, you may need electric assist.

Get your overweight, too-large-a-carbon-footprint, butts onto a real bike and start riding some. Drop the "electric assist. Anyone not physically handicapped should be capable of riding a bike 15 miles to work and back each day. An easy, less than one hour, ride.

Environmentalist = fat and lazy now? Ugh!!!

Ne need to be MUCH more HARSH with these lazy, energy wasting, slugs. EXERCISE SOME!!!



It is also healthy to eat a salad once in a while.


kelly, please stop you Who Killed The Electric Car BS. It was a business decision to discontinue the EV1. Build a bridge and get over it.



E-bikes are available for less than 1500 euro (incl VAT). They are a smash hit in The Netherlands. No subsidy necessary.

Adam T

Great bike i have bought it and tried it out really excelent quality but the design didnt quite speak to me. I changed it at bicycle motor they have chrommed it and now it looks a lot better if you have that bike i really advice to do the same.

Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse".

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