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Following the founding of the Renault ParisTech Sustainable Mobility Institute last September, Renault has developed a website to promote sustainable development and educate the public on its various aspects: www.sustainable-mobility.org.

The site looks at new concepts such as car-sharing, multi-modality, new behaviors, and “soft” mobility. The aim of www.sustainable-mobility.org is to offer a complete panorama of the studies and initiatives undertaken worldwide on the mobility of the future.

All visitors are invited to contribute to an interactive map on “Worldwide Initiatives”, which aims to gather information on the best sustainable development practices worldwide.

The site features news pages, with a news feed, reviews of articles published on the web, and interviews with experts (researchers, heads of associations, scientists, public sector players, entrepreneurs, etc.). It also includes pages with a documentary focus such as “Issue of the Month”, which takes an in-depth look at one particular topic.

In the near future, the site will gain a “documentary resources” page to which users will be able to add. A “Zero Emission Magazine” page gives visitors the latest news on electric vehicles at Renault.

In order to reach a broader web audience, www.sustainable-mobility.org is also available in French on www.mobilite-durable.org as well as via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



The link should be http://www.sustainable-mobility.org/

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