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Report: Nissan To Build JV Li-ion Plant in France in 2012

The Nikkei reported that Nissan Motor Co. will build a joint-venture lithium-ion battery plant in France in 2012 to supply Renault. In addition to batteries, Nissan and Renault plan to work together on motors and other key components of electric vehicles to bring down production costs.

Automotive Energy Supply Corp., a joint venture between Nissan and the NEC Corp. group, has already decided to upgrade the supply capacity of its plant in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture to give it a capacity to supply enough lithium ion batteries for 100,000 cars a year.

Nissan and Renault are now holding discussions toward building a joint venture lithium ion battery plant at a Renault production base in France. This joint venture plant is expected to start operating by 2012, with an annual capacity of enough batteries for around 60,000 cars. The total investment is expected to come to about 30 billion yen [US$333 million]. Nissan and Renault plan to use a low-interest loan facility offered by the French government for green cars. Renault may play a leading role in the management of the joint venture plant.

Nissan and NEC also plan to build lithium ion battery plants in the U.S., the U.K. and Portugal by 2012. Altogether, their worldwide lithium ion battery supply capacity will likely reach enough for nearly 500,000 cars a year, up from their earlier goal of around 400,000 units. Their total investment for the mass production of those batteries is forecast to come to 200-250 billion yen [US$2.2-2.8 billion].


Carlos Fandango

What size of unit? If each unit is 24KWh each (as in the leaf) that would add up to a helluva lot of battery.

Putting this much buckaroo on the table they have to believe they can achieve low enough battery costs to sell in big numbers.

Renault Nissan are becoming my most favourite car company. I also suspect GM spout BS on battery costs, so they can overcharge on the early model Volt.


Wow, who needs nickel metal hydride anymore?


Hmmm. Quite a little revolution those EV boys started a couple years ago. Too bad some won't get to see it fully flourish.


Nissan said that they will have the worldwide capality to build up to 500 000 PHEV/BEV battery packs a year by end of 2012.

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