EU Clean Sky JTI Takes Off
Nissan Leases First Fuel Cell Vehicle in North America

Toyota Receives About 14,000 Orders for the New Sai Hybrid in One Month

Kyodo. Toyota Motor Corp. has received about 14,000 orders for its new Sai hybrid-only luxury compact sedan, one month after its introduction. (Earlier post.) The monthly sales target for Japan is 3,000 units.

The Sai, based on the platform also used for the Lexus HS 250h (earlier post), is planned to go on sale in Japan on 7 December. The new platform was developed for medium/compact vehicles.

The Sai features a 2.4 liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine (2AZ-FXE) with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), coupled with a 105 kW motor and reduction gear. By delaying intake valve closure, the engine achieves a high expansion ratio at low pressure, thus raising heat efficiency.

The Sai offers fuel efficiency of 23.0 km/L (54 mpg US, 4.4 L/100km) under the 10-15 cycle—on par with 660 cc minivehicles. Under the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s JC08 test cycle, the Sai has fuel efficiency of 19.8 km/L (46.6 mpg US, 5.1 L/100km).



Shheeesh. At $47k what happened to global recession?? Debt?? Economic crisis?? What?? It's ALL a hoax???? Damn.


Over the same time frame as the leadup to and during the recession, there has been a wealth transfer from poorer to wealthier, say the last 15 years in many countries , western and other - ex Ussr, India, China? Australia, many others .......?

The customers could have been choosing to keep their powder dry saving up for something desirable.
Is that much more than $US? what? comparable offerings?


This might be the same as the Insight II "surge" we were told about a few months back - what happened there?

There have always been claims that today, more wealth is being transfer from poorer to wealthier, when in fact it is probably less so (at least in the US) than before.

I do think there is a huge and ominous transfer of power from the people (middle class taxpayers) to big corporations and those who, for various reasons, pay no taxes (but vote, or soon will).

I feel like I’m in a Home Owner's Association that is tasked to protect me and my equity, but:
* it is run by a board that works for Walmart
* it is determined to upgrade all the houses that are smaller
* the people in the smaller houses pay no fees but vote
* the HMA wants provide housing to passersby and let them vote
* fees are going up, way up, for those that pay them
* if I complain, I’m a bigot
* the number who pay no fees is approaching the number of those who do.

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