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KLM, North Sea Petroleum and Spring Associates Form SkyEnergy Consortium to Advance Production of Renewable Jet Fuel

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, North Sea Petroleum and Spring Associates have established the SkyEnergy consortium to advance the production of biokerosene (renewable jet fuel). The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) will advise the consortium in relation to ecological aspects. KLM just completed a demonstration flight using a 50:50 blend of renewable jet in one engine. (Earlier post.)

This is technically feasible. We have demonstrated that it is possible. Government, industry and society at large must now join forces to ensure that we quickly gain access to a continuous supply of biofuel.

—KLM President & CEO Peter Hartman

KLM is pursuing the development of biokerosene in accordance with financial, technological and ecological criteria.

The food chain may not be jeopardized, and production of biokerosene should not go hand in hand with deforestation or excessive water consumption. The conservation of biodiversity is, of course, also a precondition.

—Peter Hartman


Henry Gibson

There is not enough biomass in any country to supply the demand for energy required by a modern civilization or even the level of civilization of England of the 1800s. Any biomass may be turned into food. Ungulates (Wiederkauer) do a good job of it, and it can also be done chemically. I hope that the Pruteen organism that could produce food from methane or methanol has been preserved by the remnants of the great chemical company that discovered it on a pitch.

There are numerous people whose lives were shortened by the use of corn ethanol for automobiles. When the price of corn doubled due to speculation on the demand for ethanol many people even, in the U.S., damaged their immune systems by not being able to buy enough food.

Uninformed anti nuclear activists are blind the to many hours of human life lost by not having wide spread nuclear energy as opposed to the hundreds times less hours lost by having it. They drive off in their cars every day thinking that they and others are now far safer because Obama does not want to use Yucca mountain. We are actually far less safe. The money that we now spend for high priced automobile fuel will not be spent on medical care for our children or even more nutritious foods. All of the natural gas used by power companies could be diverted to cheaper automobile fuel.

If we want to continue to use liquid fuels we must start to produce hydrogen with fission energy. This hydrogen can be combined with captured CO2 to make any kind of liquid fuel. Methanol may be the most efficient for automobiles; Dimethyl-Ether, DME, for diesel engines and synthetic kerosene for aircraft.

Because the speculative markets have raised the price of Uranium and uniformed people are trying to prevent the use of fission by preventing the very safe storage of used fuel rods because of the long lived transuranic elements in it, reprocessing fuel rods is now economic, and the transuranic elements are used up for energy. There will always be new transuranic atoms made in the reactor but many more will be destroyed, and the newly made atoms will be put back into the reactor after the fission products are removed. The volume of the fission products produced in a year is not more than a few standard shipping containers. There are many ways to keep the danger from radiation from these atoms much lower than the built in radiation from the natural radio-active potassium in ourselves and all plants and animals and soils and natural foods. Bicycles can be shown to be much more a hazzard to the human race than the way radio active materials are stored or the use of fission reactors. Uncountable more hours would be added to people's and animal's lives in any country if fission energy were used to provide electricity.

The monies spent to provide excessive safety from nuclear fuel storage could be used now to add far more hours to the lives of people in Africa today alone alone than they possibly can be predicted to do for people in the next million years.

Even the average science college graduate is not aware that he naturally carries around with him radioactive material and exposes the people that he lives with with far more radiation than if they lived in a house next to a nuclear reactor. About 4000 nuclear explosions happen in the average person every second. ..HG..

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