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Renault to Produce EV Based on Twizy ZE Concept in Spain

Renault, which already produces Mégane Hatchback, Mégane Estate, Modus and Grand Modus exclusively in Spain, has chosen to manufacture the future electric vehicle (EV) based on Twizy ZE Concept (earlier post) at Valladolid, 150 km north west of Madrid. Production will start in 2011.

The Twizy ZE Concept. Click to enlarge.

Valladolid was selected for its expertise and performance in compact car production. It currently produces Modus and Grand Modus and a share of New Clio output. The Group also chose to produce its future EV in Spain as close as possible to the sales market, namely Western Europe, in order to simplify logistics.

Renault also recently assigned the production of the future electric city car based on Zoé ZE Concept to Flins, in France. (Earlier post.)

Renault also announced last month that Valladolid would be allocated production of a thermal engine in 2012 and a fuel-combustion vehicle in 2013.



I notice that the driver does not show his face.

Even Barbie would laugh at this thing.


Is this a 4-wheel cycle?

May have limited applications in southern cities where ICE monsters have been banned.

Henry Gibson

Someone please put a cheap motor with brushes and battery in a TATA nano. ..HG..


Can't help but wonder when a giant fly swatter comes *whacking* down and squashes this thing. Love the grill work.


I esp like the wheel fenders, the styling somehow reminds me of a 'handsome cab'.
Who would have foreseen the popularity that the small two seaters from numerous makers would achieve.
I suspect a larger acceptace of this will be no suprise as peoople are now used to bubble cars.
'thermal and 'combustion engines ?


The aesthetics of good design remember that the packaging is a very large consideration for purchase.

Everyone? has seen artists impressions of the Pumpkin shaped carriage that took Cinderella to the ball.

Renault's artists have IMO got these offerings right.

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