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Ballard in Fuel Cell Supply Agreement with Daimler AG

Ballard Power Systems has entered a supply agreement with Daimler AG for FCvelocity fuel cell products for Daimler AG’s fuel cell car and bus programs. The agreement provides for minimum revenue of approximately $24 million over eighteen months from April 2010, with roughly equal distribution in 2010 and 2011.

The HD6. Click to enlarge.

Ballard has segmented its product portfolio into two primary product families: FCgen for stationary power and FCvelocity for motive power. The two products currently offers in the FCvelocity family are the 9SSL for materials handling, and the HD6 for heavy-duty applications.

The HD6, with the next generation Ballard fuel cell at its core, currently has a lifetime durability target of up to 6,000 hours. Rated gross power at the beginning of life is 75 and 150 kW. Rated current is 240 amps, with DC voltage of 313-626 volts. Cell efficiency (referenced to LHV) is 62-71%.



Daimler NECAR had a methanol to H2 reformer on board, this could prove interesting. I read where a gallon of methanol contains more H2 than a gallon of liquid hydrogen. If this is true then the storage problem is solved, assuming that they can make a small inexpensive reformer.


Wow the eff is already up to 62-71 thats quite a jump.


(referenced to LHV)

I don't think any PEM has attained 70% in production.


Still its a hell of alot better then I thought they were at.


They can attain 50% real world efficiency under light loads. It is the full range of loads, balance of system components, cost and longevity that still have a ways to go.

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