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Cyclone Power Technologies Runs Mark V Engine on Steam

Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. successfully ran for the first time its Mark V engine on steam, a major milestone for the Schoell Cycle heat regenerative, external combustion engine technology.

Cyclone’s Mark V Engine, which can generate more than 100 hp (75 kW) and 860 lb-ft (1,166 N·m) of starting torque on the first rotation of its pistons, is being developed for automotive and electric power generation applications.

In the current steam tests, the engine was attached to an external heat source and built-in, water-cooled condenser. Next phases of developmental testing will include attaching the all-fuel capable combustion chamber, which it successfully tested last week, and an air-cooled condensing system.

The current phase one external heat test configuration, however, is similar to set-ups for waste heat recovery, whereby the Cyclone Engine’s steam generator could be attached to the exhaust flue of an industrial furnace or a landfill flare. In this sense, otherwise wasted heat could be utilized to produce electricity for the host facility or to return to the electric grid.

Cyclone was recently selected by the US Land Steam Record Team to provide a Mark V-based high performance racing engine for its streamliner vehicle, which will attempt to break the world land speed record for steam vehicles in Bonneville, UT, as early as next August. (Earlier post.)

Cyclone Mark V Initial Steam Test.



Seems innovative, all the more so if there's actually "..more than 100 hp (75 kW) and 860 lb-ft (1,166 N·m) of starting torque.."

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