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Guangzhou Toyota To Begin Production of Hybrid Camry in 2010

Guangzhou Toyota will begin production of the Camry Hybrid in China in 2010. Toyota introduced the Camry Hybrid to the China market at the 2009 Shanghai auto show earlier this year.

Guangzhou Toyota has a 2010 sales goal of 267,000 units—170,000 for Camry 170,000 (including the hybrid Camry), 75,000 for Highlander and 22,000 for Yaris—representing a 27.5% increase over 2009 sales. Guangzhou Toyota will expand its in-country sales outlets to 300 from 210.

For 2009, the company expects sales of the 2.4-liter Camry to reach about 93,000 units, representing a market share of 17% in the 2.3L-2.5L class of cars.



Is Toyota currently producing the Prius III in China? If so, a local battery pack production line could be an asset.

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